We are fully mobile 24 hour service!
Specializing in Underwater Vessel Husbandry including all forms of Underwater
Works, range from Inspection, Survey, Repairs, Welding & Cutting, Maintenance of
Marine Construction, very well experienced in many various field such as Underwater
Works, Survey, Ships, etc.

Supported with various expertise in Diving and Engineering, internationally certified
and well-experienced personnel, has been the most advantage for the company since
then. Offering professionalism and mission to achieve customer satisfaction, we are looking
forward to having a good relation and cooperation for the best solution.
Our equipment is standart for commercial diving, and is always maintained after use,
this ensures our clients the highest quality work performed.

Our inspection program for all underwater structures and ships, contains a Written
Report, Video Survey, and still pictures, this is a standard package for all assignments
small or large. This gives our clients a complete view of there structure or ship.

PT. Karimun Diving Services always be trying to be a company which always develops
quality of professional services in under water technique business in order to take care